What is the best equipment in Terraria?

What is the best equipment in Terraria?

When it comes to Terraria, having the right equipment is crucial for success. With a wide variety of weapons, armor, and accessories to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are the best. In this article, we will explore some of the top equipment options in Terraria.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are essential for close combat in Terraria. Some of the best melee weapons include:

  • Terra Blade: This powerful sword is crafted using the broken hero sword and other materials. It has a high base damage and can shoot projectiles as well.
  • Death Sickle: This weapon can be dropped by Reaper enemies during a Solar Eclipse event. It has a wide swing range and deals high damage.
  • Star Wrath: Obtained by opening Treasure Bags dropped by the Moon Lord, this weapon shoots stars that deal high damage on impact.

Ranged Weapons

For players who prefer ranged combat, Terraria offers a variety of options. Some of the best ranged weapons include:

    What is the best equipment in Terraria?
  • Vortex Beater: This gun can be crafted using Luminite Bars and Vortex Fragments. It shoots bullets rapidly and has a high base damage.
  • S.D.M.G.: Dropped by the Moon Lord, this gun has a fast firing rate and high base damage. It is considered one of the best ranged weapons in the game.
  • Galaxy Smasher: Dropped by Nebula Floaty Grosses during the Lunar Events, this rocket launcher fires homing rockets.

Magic Weapons

Magic weapons utilize mana to cast powerful spells. Some of the best magic weapons in Terraria include:

  • Last Prism: A powerful laser weapon obtained by defeating the Moon Lord. It deals high damage and has a wide range.
  • Razorpine: Dropped by Everscreams during the Frost Moon event, this staff shoots homing needles that deal high damage.
  • Lunar Flare: Crafted using Luminite Bars, this spell shoots a projectile that explodes upon impact, dealing massive damage.


In Terraria, armor provides defense and various bonuses to enhance your character’s abilities. Some of the best armor sets include:

  • Solar Flare Armor: Crafted using Solar Fragments, this armor provides high defense and boosts melee damage, speed, and critical strike chance.
  • Vortex Armor: Crafted using Vortex Fragments, this armor boosts ranged damage, critical strike chance, and increases bullet damage and velocity.
  • Nebula Armor: Crafted using Nebula Fragments, this armor increases magic damage, critical strike chance, and mana regeneration.


Accessories are items that provide additional bonuses and abilities to your character. Some of the best accessories in Terraria include:

  • Ankh Shield: Crafted using various ingredients, this accessory provides immunity to most debuffs and increases defense.
  • Sorcerer Emblem: Increases magic damage by 15% and boosts critical strike chance.
  • Ranger Emblem: Increases ranged damage by 15% and boosts critical strike chance.
  • Destroyer Emblem: Increases all damage by 10% and boosts critical strike chance by 8%.

These are just a few examples of the best equipment options available in Terraria. It’s important to experiment and find the ones that best suit your playstyle and preferred combat style. Whether you prefer melee, ranged, or magic, Terraria offers a wide range of equipment choices to enhance your gameplay experience.

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